If you’ve been without TV, radio or internet this week you might have missed that Facebook filed to go public, looking to raise $5B through their initial stock offering. The anticipated Facebook market valuation is between $75 and $100B. They didn’t identify which market they will trade on, but the ticker will be FB. As with S-1s, some very interesting info about the company is now public. If interested, their full S1 is here.

· Total ad revenue in 2011: $3.15B

· Share of revenue attributed to advertising: 83%

· Percentage of sales in the U.S.: 56%

· Amount of revenue sourced from Zynga: 12%

· 2011 profit: $1B

· Revenue generated from virtual goods: $557M

· Global monthly active users: 845M

· U.S. monthly active users: 161M

· Daily likes and comments: 2.7B

· Amount Facebook spent on advertising in 2011: $28M

· COO Sheryl Sandberg’s 2011 compensation: $31M

· Mark Zuckerberg’s total 2011 compensation: $1.5M (starting next year, it will be $1)

· Mark Zuckerberg’s ownership stake: 28.2%

· Mark Zuckerberg’s voting power: 56.9%