Release – It’s PS Vita launch week in the U.S. For those on the fence about picking up Sony’s latest handheld, here’s a feature refresher.

· Models: Wi-Fi-only $249.99. 3G-capable $299.99

· Apps: Custom Twitter app LiveTweet, Foursquare, Facebook and Flickr, Netflix and more, all free. Skype coming soon.

· Specs: Five-inch OLED screen – 960×544 pixels (qHD) @ 220 ppi. Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor w/ quad-core SGX543MP4+ GPU; 512MB RAM with 128MB VRAM. Capacitive front touch display and rear touch panel, Sixaxis motion controls, dual analog sticks, directional pad, and six input buttons. 2210 mAh battery, rated at 3-5 hours. Memory cards ranging from 4GB ($20) to 32GB ($100). Proprietary game cards with 2GB-4GB capacity. Front and back cameras at 640×480 (0.3 megapixels).