Google and DoubleClick have released a deep dive into current online advertising trends with a new report, “Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition”. You can read an accompanying blog here, and download the full report here. Some notes below. If that’s not enough, they’re hosting a DoubleClick Insights Livestream on June 5, sign up here.

· Nearly 80% of all impressions still come from standard format ads: medium rectangle, leaderboard, and skyscraper.

· In 2011, Shopping, Sports, and Auto sites were the fastest year-on-year growth verticals on the Ad Exchange and AdSense.

· From the 3rd to 4th quarter in 2011, mobile web impressions on the Ad Exchange and AdSense platforms increased by 250%.

· Global publisher sell-through rate increases from 36% to 42% in the 4th quarter.