The Online Publishers Association commissioned a recent study to look at today’s smartphone user. “A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User”, available for download here, is a follow up to their June report, “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User”. Some notes below.

· An estimated 44% of the U.S. internet population, ages 8-64, owns a smartphone (107M consumers), up from 31% in 2011 (73M).

· 96% of smartphone consumers downloaded apps in the past year, owning an average of 36 apps; 14% of all apps downloaded by those reporting were paid.

· 24% of users report that they have purchased content for viewing on their smartphones, with 22% of content buyers having purchased video, 21% entertainment content, 21% books and 19% weather content.

· 84% of users identify themselves as 2-screen multitaskers (TV+mobile phone/tablet) and 64% as 3-screen multitaskers (TV+PC+mobile phone/tablet).