Nintendo Wii U

Nothing like following an Apple announcement! Here is all the Wii U news fit to print.

· Options (N.A.)

o Basic White: 8GB console, GamePad, AC adapters, sensor bar, and an HDMI Cable. $299.99.

o Black Deluxe: 32GB console, all the basic components, Nintendo Land minigame collection, Wii U console stand, GamePad Cradle, and access to the Deluxe Digital Promotion (reward points for digital purchases that can be used to buy more product). $349.99.

· Availability

o NA: November 18.

o EU: November 30.

o Japan: December 8.

· Nintendo TVii

o Available in US and Canada. Free with Wii U. Partnering with i.TV, the service offers live TV, sports, streaming video, and integrates Hulu Plus, Amazon video, Netflix, and TiVo into a single hub. The GamePad is the remote, and functions as a second screen with real-time updates about the show you’re watching. Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Nintendo’s Miiverse as well.


o A few of the games highlighted/announced include: COD Black Ops 2, Bayonetta 2 (exclusive), and Wonderful 101. A full list of launch titles can be found here.

· GameStop is now taking pre-orders for the Wii U and has announced related trade-in bonuses.

o $50 trade credit for a Wii.

o $90 trade credit for an Xbox 360 (original), PS Vita or 3DS.

o $115 trade credit for a PS3 (original) or Xbox 360 (slim).

o $140 trade credit for a PS3 (slim).