Looking at digital behaviors of gamers, and the link between online engagement and sales, Google is out with an interesting new research paper “Understanding the Modern Gamer”. EA is referenced throughout. Blog here, full paper here, some notes below.

· Game-related searches increased by 20% on desktops and laptops, and 168% on tablets and smartphones over the last year.

· 40% of game searches happen pre-launch, 6 months before a release. Top searches include trailers, game art and demos.

· Tips are the most-searched content during launch month, with 25% happening on a mobile device after launch. Thought is people search for tips and tricks on their mobile while playing.

· 1 in 5 purchase-related searches occur on a mobile device.

· 84% of game sales can be predicted by search and ad clicks in a 10 month period. (If a game accrues 250,000 clicks in the 10 months surrounding a launch, it will likely sell between 2 and 4M units in the four months after the release).