it’s time for Microsoft’s annual Tech Fest, where MS research scientists come to show off their latest projects, and offer a glimpse into what Microsoft sees as the future of computing. A total of 20 projects are on display, some notes below.

· Gesture. On display, upcoming hand gesture recognition for Kinect. An updated SDK in the coming weeks will let developers implement features like pinch-to-zoom in apps.

· Microsoft’s Future Vision: Live, Work, Play. In this video, Senior RSDE Michel Pahud shows how users could interact with large-screen displays directly, or via phone.

· 3D scanning. MS showed off a few methods of quickly capturing 3D image scans, one using the depth-sensing camera on the Kinect sensor, another using a custom app on a Windows Phone.

· Viral Search. This piece of future tech crunches large amounts of data from Twitter (and potentially Facebook and other platforms in the future) to analyze and display patterns of distribution on the social network. Demo here.