Big news coming from Facebook this week. Not a phone per se, but many phones. Introducing Home. Blog here, video here, notes below.

· Home is a family of Facebook apps that basically turn your Android device into a ‘Facebook phone’.

· Coverfeed (app): get updates on your friends on the home screen and the lock screen without having to launch an app, or unlock your phone. You can also comment or like posts from your home screen.

· Integrated chat that works with SMS and Facebook messaging.

· Badges and notifications alert you when something new is happening with your friends.

· User interface is gesture-based, with easy switching between apps and notifications. Your favorite apps are shown in one screen, and the full app drawer on another, along with streamlined ways to post a photo or a status update.

· For Android devices, available April 12th. Initially on HTC One and One X, the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II. Also coming to tablets.

· Can be installed from the Google Play Store, or if you have Facebook installed on your Android phone, it will automatically prompt you to download the app.