News from Apple, Nintendo, Zynga and Netflix.

Netflix Numbers are in, beating Wall Street estimates with $1.02B in revenue for the first quarter. Notes from the call below.

· 2M domestic subscribers were added in the quarter, bringing the total number of subscribers to 29.2M. This is more than HBO.

· 1M international subscribers were added, growing that number to 7.1M.

· For the quarter, over 4B hours of programming was streamed.

· Total DVD subscriber base fell by 250K users, to 8M.

· A new plan is coming, for $11.99/month you can have four simultaneous streams. $8/month currently gets you two movies or TV shows at the same time.

Apple reported this week as well, beating Wall Street’s estimates for revenue ($46.3B) and sales of the iPhone (37.4M) and iPad (19.5M) in the March quarter. On the negative side, Apple’s profits declined year-over-year for the first time in a decade. Profit per share was $10.09 for the quarter, down from $12.30 in the same quarter a year ago. Additionally, they sold $2.4B worth of apps, music, movies and books via the iTunes store last quarter.

Nintendo’s full report here, notes below.

· For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, the Nintendo posted revenues of $6.4B, down 1.9% YOY, and profits of $71.4M, compared to losses of $434.5M YOY

· Nintendo 3DS 13.95M units worldwide during the 2012 fiscal year, 1.24M units in the fourth and final quarter.

· Wii U console sold 3.45M units worldwide (missing its previous forecast of 4M units sold for this fiscal year), and 390K units in the last quarter.

· Nintendo DS sold 2.35M hardware units (153.87M units sold to date).

· Related, they offered no guidance on sales for DS Hardware. This has the internet buzzing that they may halt production of the device.

· $165M in digital software between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013, up 109% from the previous year’s $79M.

· No big E3 presser planned for Nintendo this year. Rather, they will be hosting smaller events focused on software for the U.S. market.

· Miiverse is now live in website form, and can be accessed on PC/Smartphone to view your Activity Feed, friends list and notifications.

Zynga’s Q1 2013 numbers are here.

· Q1 2013 Revenue: $263.59M, down 18% YOY.

· Bookings: $230M, down 30% YOY.

· DAUs: 52M in the first quarter of 2013, down 21% YOY.

· MAUs: 253M in the first quarter of 2013, down 13% YOY.

· Q2 2013 Revenue: $225M to $235M. Analysts were expecting $236.12M.