Introducing the Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft. Official site here, some notes from the announcement below.

· Specs: Custom Microsoft / AMD 40-nanometer chip with an 8-core CPU and GPU. 8GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, USB 3.0, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. It will also support 4K (ultra-HD) output resolution, and 3D.

· Xbox Live: Achievements and a Gold subscription are still here (both will carry over from your 360). The new Game DVR lets you record, edit, and share gameplay videos, and lets you play downloadable games after installing a single segment. Smart Match is a thing, and provides an estimate for when you’ll be put in a multiplayer game, and lets you to watch TV while you wait.

· Games: 15 exclusives will be available at launch, including a new Forza game, and Quantum break, both of which were demoed. EA SPORTS is well represented, bringing Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, and UFC to the party. Call of Duty Ghosts is coming from Activision, featuring a lot of dogs.

· NFL: One other big item from the show was the Microsoft / NFL partnership. Through it, Microsoft will have exclusive rights to create interactive experiences around NFL games – including things like a fantasy football overlay which they demoed. Xbox is now the “Official Interactive Content Provider of the NFL.”

· Kinect: Bundled with the One, new Kinect features upgraded microphone and a heavy focus on voice controls (change channels with your voice, use a TV guide, multitask between gaming, TV, Skype, Internet Explorer, etc.). The camera is upgraded, featuring a 1080p wide-angle sensor, it can detect your gestures to navigate the One’s interface, it can be used for Skype, detect your heartbeat, and recognize the new controller for player syncing and additional interaction to games.

· Controller: MS claims “more than 40 technical and design innovations”. Specifically, updated directional pad, thumb stick, integrated battery compartment, and vibrating impulse triggers which provide feedback to your fingertips. Thankfully. It’s also synced with the new Kinect via Wi-Fi Direct technology to seamlessly pair the two.

· Skype: You will use and love Skype, so says Microsoft.Integration allows for HD video calls (using Kinect), group video chats, picture-in-picture calls while you’re playing a game / watching TV, and obligatory voice controls.

· Entertainment: Forget games, watch TV. HDMI pass-through lets the console sit between your cable / satellite set-top box and your TV, allowing access to all the streaming options you love, and live TV. With the connection also comes an Xbox One-specific interface, SmartGlass capabilities, and set-top box and TV voice controls.

· Related – Don’t forget about the 360. In an interview with the UK’s Official Xbox Magazine, Interactive Entertainment Business Senior VP Yusuf Mehdi said they are looking to sell another 25M 360 units over the next five years between replacements, and new buyers.