Looking at net memorability(% of viewers able to remember the ad and correct brand) Nielsen is out with a new study of the top ads and branded product integrations of 2013. Check out all the detail here, notes below.

· Top 5 most memorable new commercials: (1) State Farm/Discount Daaa-ble Check, (2) Subway/Tuscan Chicken Melt, (3) Bud Light/Outcome, (4) Party City/Thriller, (5) KFC/Breathing on Me.

· Top 5 best branded product integrations: (1) M&Ms/Mike & Molly, (2) Wizards of the Coast Games/Big Bang Theory, (3) Sharpie/Grey’s Anatomy, (4) Chevrolet/Hawaii Five-0, (5) Life Alert/The Goldbergs.