Forrester has released findings from a recent global executive survey on the future of business. One of their key conclusions is that success hinges on understanding where you fit in what they call a ‘dynamic ecosystem of value’. Basically, you’re never going to be everything to all consumers, and that’s okay. Consumers fill their needs from a variety of sources, and generally like doing it that way. What’s important for businesses and brands is to identify these ecosystems, and become an integral part of them. Don’t just be in a space, deliver a product or service that is a necessity for consumer success. For instance, do you have a list of related sites and apps you use every time you travel? That’s an ecosystem. Fitness? Work? Gaming? Now think of something in that ecosystem you depend on – something vital – that’s where we should want to be. Personally, I think it really hits the mark. As interesting though, is executive feedback on the state of ‘digital transformation’. For as long as we’ve been using that phrase, which seems like an eternity, I’ve read reports where executives have said their companies aren’t ready for it. In a similar responses, Forrester notes that 74% of executives surveyed said their company has a digital strategy, but only 15% believe that their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on it. Why the continued delta? Why, in the eyes of executives, have organizations not closed the gap? Is it really a talent issue, or just perception?