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Ubisoft and Nintendo are busy breaking records this week.

· Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 has become the fastest selling title on the Wii U, moving a reported 1.2M units WW since launch.

· Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs sold through over 4M units its first week, making it the best-selling new IP at launch across the entire video game industry, Ubisoft’s best-selling game during week-1, and, the record-holder for Ubisoft day-1 sales.


Dubbed the “right to be forgotten” by a European Court Of Justice ruling earlier this month, Google (and other search engines) must begin respecting requests of private individuals to remove information on the web that is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.” Those in the EU wishing to partake must fill out a form to start the process. Could be interesting if it ever becomes a wider policy.


Microsoft debuted some very cool tech at the inaugural Re/Code Conference. Skype Translator combines three technologies (speech recognition, text-to-speech and machine translation) to provide near real-time translation. How it works is Speaker A talks, Skype Translator recognizes the words and transcribes them into text, then, the text transcription of Speaker A is translated into the language of Speaker B. Lastly, it’s voice-synthesized into Speaker B’s language. Amazing days. More here.


KPCB partner Mary Meeker is out with her annual deep dive into the state of the web. Internet Trends 2014 can be seen in its entirety here. Clocking in at 164 slides, it’s impossible to boil down to a few bullets, so give it a read, you’ll be smarter for it.

· Internet user growth is slowing (less than 10 percent year-to-year).

· Google’s average revenue per user is six times that of Facebook’s, and Facebook’s is twice that of Twitter’s.

· Tablet sales grew 52% in 2013 — faster than PC sales ever grew.

· Mobile app revenue accounts for 68% of mobile monetization.


Sharing music and TV shows is about to get easier on Facebook. The new opt-in feature coming to iOS and Android apps will listen for music/TV, and if identified, let you seamlessly share in a status update. Music will be shared by way of 30-second song snippet, TV shows will highlight the specific season and episode you’re watching.


Millward Brown is out with their annual BrandZ study of the 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and McDonalds round out the top 5. All in, Millward Brown estimates the 100 most important brands in the world have a value of the $2.9T. Full report here.


Microsoft dropped some pre-E3 announcements this week. Check out the full blog here, notes below.

· A connect-free version of the Xbox One is coming. Available in all markets Xbox One is sold, the new console will retail for $399 beginning June 9. If you have a change of heart post-purchase, MS will offer a standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One later this fall.

· The Xbox Live Gold requirement is being dropped for entertainment apps. Moving forward, apps like Netflix, Twitch, HBO GO, NFL, etc can all be used whether or not you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Related, Microsoft will offer prorated refunds to any customers that want out of the premium service.


Facebook wants your World Cup advertising dollars, and dropped some impressive network stats to make their case. According to FB:

· There are approximately 500M Facebookers who are soccer fans. Defined as those who have liked a team or a player’s page.

· Brazil leads the way with 53.8M fans, the U.S. is No. 2 with 48.9M.

· 62% of soccer fans were on Facebook every day in a recent week.

· Soccer fans post 1.7x more photos, send 1.9x more messages, post 1.8x more updates, upload 1.7x more videos and make 1.7x more comments than the average person on Facebook.


Amazon and Twitter are launching a new product, #AmazonCart. By connecting your Twitter and Amazon accounts, you can add items to your Amazon shopping cart, directly from Twitter, by replying to any tweet that includes an Amazon link using the hashtag #AmazonCart (US) or #AmazonBasket (UK). Items will then remain for you to finish your shopping on Amazon when you’re ready.


If you’re to believe the internet, Apple is reportedly looking to purchase Beats, including both their streaming Music subscription service, and the headphones/speakers hardware division. Numbers being thrown around are in the $3B realm, which, if true, would make this Apple’s largest acquisition.